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Over the past several years, the world has been forced into a hybrid, work-from-home, or in-office environment. While we all loved getting hours of our days back from commuting and “useless water cooler conversations,” at what cost?

We’ve learned that it’s been at the cost of employee fulfillment.

There is a core psychological truth that we all, as a part of the human race yearn for a feeling of belonging.

To feel necessary.

To feel part of something… Something bigger than just ourselves.

As of today, we dare you to be a part of something bigger than just yourself.

As we venture into a Web3.0 world, employers will be faced with the challenge of attracting new, young talent and building a hybrid company culture to retain them.

At CryptoPerk we understand these challenges and are building tools for HR and business leaders to attract, manage, and retain their employees and help those employees achieve fulfillment in the workplace. We also believe that incentives drive human behavior, and business leaders must establish and maintain programs to build their company culture.

Today, CryptoPerk is an engaging peer-to-peer, employee recognition and rewards platform that enriches both the company culture and its employees. CryptoPerk allows organizational leaders to set a monthly (or weekly) allowance for their employees to easily distribute and award their peers with cryptocurrency (such as small denominations of Bitcoin and digital collectibles) for things like displaying the company values, hard work, or for things as simple as their work anniversary or birthday. Each employee is granted a non-custodial crypto wallet and their personal balance grows the more they are recognized.

But, we’re not stopping there.

We're on a mission to #BringCryptoToWork.

We’re building a bridge from where you work today to the new Web3.0 world. We believe that CryptoPerk will be an easy and safe launch pad for employees to enter the world of crypto. We understand that we’ll most likely be people’s first interaction with the crypto world and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We know that people will be wary and even scared to jump in, but with intuitive, fun experiences and the safety of a known community, we believe we can convert skeptics, to believers (and even raving fans).

Our goal is to help teams foster more meaningful connections leading to an increased sense of belonging and happiness at work. With easy-to-use tools built for the next generation of hybrid employees, HR and Business Leaders will come to think of CryptoPerk as their must-have employee recognition and engagement platform for building a unified team.

Are you ready for what’s next?

Join us by contacting us, or learn more about bringing CryptoPerk to your team by requesting access today.

Until then, see you in tomorrow!

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